Taken from the book “Healing, Spiritual, and Esoteric Meditations” by Georgios Mylonas

Self-Healing Meditation

Light a white candle, dedicating it to love/the Higher Good, and observe its wonderful warm light for a few minutes.

Take a few slow and deep breaths. As deep as you can… Slowly and steadily…

Relax… Relax your body, relax your mind… Relax fully… Feel that you are “emptying yourself”… You are emptying completely… You relax completely…

Close your eyes. Bring your attention to any health problem, to a certain organ, system, or part of your body that is blocked, out of balance, or unhealthy.

Visualize a white-golden sun there, filled with energy. A divine sun of pure spirit and pure life. With myriad abilities, powers, and potential.

Feel and see it. Clearly.

Mentally, affirm:

“My body, and especially this part (mention the organ, system or area/ part of your body) is now filled with pure vital energy and fully connected with the higher and highest harmony and health. Infinite wisdom, infinite love, infinite power in my body and especially in that part. And so it is, thank you!”

Repeat the above spiritual affirmation seven times, in total. Slowly and steadily. Feel it.

A bright purple flame is lit inside the sun, on that part. It is the flame of the spirit, the healing, and the transmutation. Let it burn.

The purple flame is surrounded by a perfect golden triangle. See it radiating.

It symbolizes the perfect wisdom, the perfect power, and the perfect love of the Creator, the Highest Authority and Source.

Bright purple flame that burns inside the radiant golden triangle and the white-golden sun. In the body. Your body.

Bright purple flame that burns inside the radiant golden triangle and the white-golden sun. On that particular point.

Bring your hands into a prayer position. Stay in the energy for several minutes. Multiply it, uplift it, expand it. Finally, absorb it (your intention is enough).

Give thanks. Give thanks from your heart. Sincerely and humbly.

Ground yourself, return 100% in the “here and now.” Feel 100% relaxed and rejuvenated!

Repeat three times for any problem and at least twenty-one days for any serious health problem (always in combination with a proper medical diagnosis and treatment).