My Beloved Ones!

I hope you are all perfectly well and radiant, completely immersed and bathed into the highest energies of Light, Life and Love!

I would like to inform you that I am offering personal sessions of distant energy healing.

They are brand new and most powerful.

Sets of 3, 7 and 21 distant energy healing sessions, designed to cleanse and purify the etheric body, to raise your total energetic frequency, to elevate you to higher and more expanded states of spiritual awareness and consciousness.

These sessions will help you become purified and cleansed from any lower energies, thoughts, emotions, frequencies and influences by multiplying as well as empowering the light and love within yourself. They will center, balance and ground you. You will receive more life-force energy, which will result in you feeling more positive, radiant and vibrant. A greater flow of positive energy will come into your life, especially in the areas of your Life that you most need support with. You will feel deeply rejuvenated and completely renewed.

There are series of 3, 7 and 21 Energy Sessions to purify, cleanse, boost and elevate your personal energy in the following five areas of life:

* Abundance and Prosperity

* Love, Romance and Intimate Relationships

* Life-Force, Wellbeing and Vitality

* Deep Cleansing and Purification

* Protection and Empowerment

You may choose to receive three, seven or twenty-one consecutive sessions in any of the above issues and major areas of life. They are the areas, the aspects of our human existence that we most often face more challenges with, which need more cleansing, healing, empowerment and support.

There is no manual for these sessions. You will receive a meditative exercise in order to receive the Energy Sessions and some additional notes.

You will receive three, seven or twenty-one consecutive sessions, depending on which energy work program you choose. You receive one session each day. These sessions last one hour each. You will need to lie down and do a short meditative relaxation exercise which will help you to open up, receive and feel the energies flowing around, within and through you, filling you with vital luminosity and brilliant radiance.

Although each session lasts one hour, you will possibly feel the effects for many hours after the session. Some beneficial effects will be instantly experienced, while many others will be received over the days following the session.

It would be best to specify what you need, prior to the sessions. What are the issues or conditions in relation to the area of life that you have chosen to address, that preoccupy you and you need support with?

Make a list.

First of all, which three things do you want to change, improve or cleanse and eliminate from your self and from your life?

In addition, which three things would you like to manifest, create and experience? Within yourself and in your life.

Write them down. Send me this list through e-mail.

I will also need your complete information: your name and surname, date of birth, city and country of residence and anything else you want to tell me about you that you think is important or relative to the energy healing sessions.

We will communicate through e-mail to arrange the dates and time and the Energy Sessions are ready to begin!

This is what the Energy Sessions involve:

I work from a deep meditative state, in a purified, cleansed and blessed room, filled with love, life energy and light. I prepare myself energetically and spiritually on all levels so as to work with your Higher Self, from the Highest Level and for your Greatest and Highest Good. There is great Spiritual and Angelic Help and Support in this healing process, especially by the four Archangels of the Light.

During the session, I will focus on you and send healing light and life-force energy with the greatest love and respect. Then, I will cleanse your aura and your chakras and unblock the flow of life within your energy body. Anything that you no longer need, any lower thoughts, emotions and frequencies will be released to the light. The same with any negative cords, ties and attachments. If there is a negative influence, you will receive additional clearing and protection.

You will receive an empowerment-alignment-attunement to the Highest Spiritual-Divine Source of Light, Life, and Love, which will cause pure vital spiritual energies to flow more freely and abundantly within and around you.

Then you will be visualized completely and perfectly clean and pure on all levels, completely and perfectly healthy and radiant, full of bright light of the highest frequency. I will affirm for you, Peace, Serenity, Freedom, Fulfillment, Wholeness, Oneness, Joy, Happiness, Power, Wisdom, Love, the Highest Spiritual Awareness and Consciousness on all Levels. This pure healing intention, this ideal perfect image and form of you will be charged and filled with light, life and energy, affirming it, empowering it, grounding it, bringing it to the outer physical reality, manifesting it in the here and now.

Moreover, healing energy will be directed and focused on any of the specific five areas of life you want help and support with. Abundance and Prosperity; Love, Romance and Intimate Relationships; Life-Force, Wellbeing, and Vitality; Deep Cleansing and Purification; Protection and Empowerment.

The session closes with a complete and total balancing of all levels of the Self, i.e. of all bodies (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual), all energy centers (seven major chakras plus soul chakras above head and earth chakras below the feet), all elements (earth, water, air, fire, spirit) and energies. This balancing process leaves you refreshed, aligned and renewed. You are also centered and grounded, which are crucial and vital, in order for clarity and strength to be ensured. At the end, a protective golden sphere of glowing light will be gently placed around you. This brings complete and perfect protection on all levels.

I wish you all the highest, the greatest and best in Life!

I affirm your complete, total, absolute, and perfect health, illumination, and enlightenment on all levels.

With LOVE,



Please, Carefully Read the Following Questions and Answers Section



A physician should be consulted in all matters relating to health and to any symptoms that require medical attention. Energy work and energy healing is never a substitute for formal medical or mental treatment. Information on this website is intended to be for educational purpose. People who practise Energy Healing do not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition of whatever nature, and shall not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise. Energy healing is gentle and non-invasive and complementary to conventional medicine.

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