365 Luminous Ideas & Bright Affirmations for Deep Energy Healing & Total Spiritual Empowerment

Based on Universal Spiritual Laws and Eternal Esoteric Truths

Use the 365 Luminous Ideas and Bright Affirmations of this book to reprogram and restore your subconscious, your entire mind, your energy field, and your everyday life. Bring yourself into a new, higher spiritual level, the realm that embraces the whole spectrum of human existence and the human experience of perfect love, perfect understanding, and perfect acceptance.

Change, uplift, illuminate, and enlighten your thoughts; change, uplift, illuminate, and enlighten the horizon of your life!

This book contains 365 Luminous Ideas and Bright Affirmations that will empower you in creating, manifesting, and experiencing:

* Love on all levels
* Healthy, balanced, and loving connections
* Enlightened relationships
* A loving romantic relationship
* Deeper, truthful friendships
* More joy and peace in all relationships
* An elevated energetic state for the whole family
* Better communication and understanding
* Mutuality, compatibility
* Passion
* Connection and coordination between the spiritual and daily aspects of life
* Clearing, reorganizing, and reprogramming of the mind* Spiritual development, advancement, and illumination
* Uplift of daily life
* Liberation of the past and of limiting patterns of thought and behavior
* Release from negative / lower energies and emotions
* Connection to the purpose and meaning of life* Attracting, creating, and allowing more happiness and bliss
* Daily support, inspiration, and empowerment