– What are the Distant Energy Healing Sessions?

They are sessions of energy work, energy healing, done from a distance, with no physical contact. The person doing and sending the session and the person receiving the energy can be in different places, anywhere in the world, from some feet away to many miles apart, in different countries and continents.

You, being the receiver, can experience the energy sessions at any day and time you choose, at the convenience of your home. You comfortably lie down and you receive an energetic infusion, a shower of beneficial energies, often experienced as vitality, light or love. The session lasts for an hour. You may relax or meditate or even fall asleep. You can receive them anytime during the day or night before you go to sleep. There is e-mail correspondence between you and the sender or facilitator of the distant energy sessions (me), in order to arrange the date and time. There is no need for telephone, skype or other means of communication during the sessions.


– Who can receive the sessions?

All beloved ones who feel the need for a deep clearing and total cleansing of their etheric body and aura, of their personal energy field, as well as the need for an energy boost, empowerment and uplifting in specific areas of life. You need to be over 18 years old and to have consulted a medical expert in the case of any health issue.


– Who offers the Energy Healing Sessions?

My name is Geom!* and I am the sender, the facilitator of these Distant Energy Healing Sessions. Geom!* is my energy name, a combination of my initials followed by the exclamation mark, which symbolizes wonder, gratitude and inspiration and the sign of an asterisk, symbolizing the spiritual realm with all the angels, guides and teachers.

My complete birth-name is Georgios (or Giorgos) Mylonas. I am Greek-Cypriot and l live in Athens, Greece. I work as a Reiki Master Teacher and also a teacher on many spiritual and energy healing systems for self-development and personal advancement. I have written 21 books on energy healing, meditation, reiki, conscious/positive thinking, esoteric philosophy and mysticism and I have developed various new energy healing modalities.

I have dedicated myself and my life to help in bringing more spiritual light, spiritual awareness and spiritual consciousness, healing power, healing wisdom and healing love in all areas and on all levels, to all people and all beings: to the whole of our beloved planet, our beloved mother earth. My deepest longing, my life purpose and my daily intention is to contribute, in all ways possible, to all people’s happiness, health and enlightenment, to contribute to the Highest and Greatest Good of All.


– Do the Distant Energy Healing Sessions work? Are they as powerful or as effective as the in-person sessions?

Distant sessions are as powerful and, often, even more powerful than the in-person sessions. The facilitator has greater freedom to work on multiple levels and to address the issues directly on an energetic level. A lot of people feel the distant sessions very intensely and vividly! And they experience the multiple benefits that follow!


– How are Energy Sessions done from a distance, possible?

Energy, mind and consciousness transcend and they go beyond space and time. In the etheric and spiritual dimension, the higher stratum of reality, more things are possible than here on the dense physical level. There is greater light, therefore greater freedom of being. We are all interconnected energetically and spiritually, in a vast ocean of vibrations, energy and light, part of which is manifested and experienced as dense physical matter – what we see and feel with our senses. This is a small percentage, a small fraction of Reality, which is Infinite and beyond the world of appearances. Mind and consciousness are great powers of the Spirit, of our Spirit and Soul (our innermost core, which is transcendental and immaterial, a pure eternal ray of the Divine).

Energy follows intention and by intending something (i.e. healing, manifestation) energy is directed and focused there, making it more possible and probable to be manifested, created and experienced. It is something everybody can do and, in fact, we do it all the time, all of us, but on a more subconscious level. An Energy Healer, propelled by compassion and love, consciously directs and focuses his intention, his mind and power, through meditation, visualization, affirmation, prayer and other energy healing techniques, in order to co-create and manifest health, balance and all good things in life.


– Are these Energy Sessions, Reiki Distant Healing?

Reiki is my first healing art, my first and supreme love. Nevertheless, these sessions involve a more broad and expanded work. They are based on what I have learned, I have been taught and I teach through the years to others, on spiritual and energy healing, encompassing different systems and techniques, drawing upon the deep wealth of all esoteric traditions and spiritual paths.

Primarily, I work with the Holy Archangels of Light, the Archangels of the Elements: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. They are in charge of the four elements (which constitute everything in existence): earth, water, air (including ether, life-force energy) and fire (light), respectively. The Archangels and their elements also correspond to our four bodies: physical (including the energy body, the etheric), emotional (including the astral), mental (including the higher noetic and causal) and spiritual. Working with the Archangels and their respective Elements, learning to cleanse them, purify them, empower and balance them, has a direct healing effect on our four bodies and a beneficial effect on all levels of our existence.


– What do the Distant Healing Sessions involve?

They are comprised of seven parts or steps.

1. Cleansing. You are cleared from lower frequencies, negative energies, elementals, thoughts, emotions, fields and influences.

2. Light Infusion. Your etheric body is filled with life-force energy, etheric vitality, vital light. This affects, revitalizes and strengthens all bodies.

3. Attunement. You receive one attunement to connect even more with your Inner True Self and with the Highest Source, the Source of all Life.

4. Empowerment. You are visualized in your best form: healthy, balanced, young, peaceful, joyful, beautiful, brilliant, radiant, happy and enlightened. This ideal image is affirmed and charged with vital energy and light in order to be manifested.

5. Activation. Life energy and light are directed and focused on areas of life, which are purified, enhanced and illuminated.

6. Balancing, Centering and Grounding. It involves the alignment and balancing of all chakras, bodies, elements and energies. Then, you are centered and grounded, connected to the earth.

7. Protection. A sphere of golden light of absolute protection on all levels and guidance is gently, safely and effectively placed around you.

The session ends with the complete offering and dedication to your greatest and highest good, powerfully and lovingly affirming it, supporting its manifestation on all levels of your self and all areas of your life.


– What can I expect from the Distant Energy Sessions?

It is best to release all expectations! But if you want to expect something, then expect what you would from an in-depth and all-inclusive energy healing session. Increased relaxation; relaxation and rest at a deeper level. Your energy will be unblocked and you will feel more alive, vibrant and radiant. You will be more peaceful, protected, grounded and aligned. Empowered. Clean. You will be inspired and directed to a more positive outlook on all things and areas of life. You will be boosted and elevated to a new, higher energetic level of beingness. The energy and light of your self and the energy and light of your life will reach a higher frequency.

– How can I prepare myself for the Energy Sessions?

Prepare yourself mentally as if you are about to receive a session in-person.Take a long warm bath and relax. You may use a handful of unrefined/coarse salt to energetically cleanse yourself. Or take a shower. Lie down comfortably and relax. Follow the directions I have sent you in order to receive the session.


– How will I feel during the Energy Session? What do I have to do?

Lie down comfortably. Take ten deep, full and slow breaths and relax. Just relax. Be attentive and aware, noticing anything that happens. Observe everything. How do you feel , what do you feel?

During the session, people notice various sensations: warmth, heat, cold air, tingling or numbness, pulsation or trembling, waves or flow, a sense of electricity or magnetism, heaviness or lightness. These can be gentle or more intense sensations. There can be a sense of uplift or elevation. Some see lights or feel being surrounded by love, being embraced, loved and taken care of. Others imagine or see images or hear whispers, voices or melodies. Maybe you feel a certain kind of letting go, of releasing negative things, burdens. Or maybe you feel a very deep sense of relaxation.

Whatever the sensation is, just let it be, do not worry, simply trust and let go, relax more and keep observing and being aware as much as you can. Most of the times it is a unique, exquisite and wonderful experience, so enjoy it to the full and delight completely in it.


– What if I feel nothing, during the Energy Sessions?

This is rare but if you don’t feel anything, once again, don’t worry. Some people report various sensations and experiences after the session is over, over the next hours or days. Sensations in their bodies, thoughts, and emotions or changes; things happening in their lives. So stay positive and relaxed, be attentive, aware and observant.


– Does it matter, if I fall asleep during the Energy Session?

It is highly probable to fall asleep during a session, because of the intense energies working on you, around and within your energy field. Don’t worry, it is perfectly ok. Sleep is the highest form of renewal and healing, a state of complete balancing and restoration. The Energy Session will continue to work.


– What do I have to do after the Energy Sessions?

Be more attentive, observant, aware and conscious. Live your life more lightly, joyously. Take care of your body and mind. Reduce or eliminate anything that harms you and add good, healthy daily habits of wellbeing. Make changes, small and bigger changes. Love yourself deeply, absolutely and completely. Each day, love your life more and more and see in your mind’s eye a greater and even brighter future. Believe and really feel that it is coming, that it is getting closer and closer. You are steadily and safely moving forwards and upwards, to what is higher and best for you and for all. Decide and choose to release the negative, to be well and feel great. Now, in this life. Now, today. Now, in this moment.


– Will I see specific results in my life from the Energy Sessions?

Your energy, your frequency, your vibratory level will change. It will be more clear and strong, higher, more vibrant and radiant. No one can guarantee specific results from an energy work and, if they do, don’t believe them! Keep your mind (and your eyes and your heart) totally open, but believe only what you experience for yourself. Know that what you manifest and experience in life depends on many factors. Nevertheless, one most important, primary and basic factor is to be energetically clean, healthy and balanced, spiritually aware and conscious, full of light and love and to know how to direct this pure light and vital love with wisdom and power into all areas and issues of your life. Love and Light can transform and change everything.

These energy sessions cannot guarantee or promise you specific changes or the situations that you want to manifest, but they can greatly help and support you to be a Co-creator along with the Source, along with the Divine, together with Spirit, Light and Life. By becoming a Co-creator of your Self, a Co-creator of your Life, you become a Master of your Self, a Master of your Life. You become what you are meant to be: power, wisdom and love at its highest and greatest manifestation, power, wisdom and love at its greatest and highest experience.


– Is it possible that I feel worse, after an Energy Session?

You will be better energetically, this is absolutely certain. And the energetic level affects and permeates all levels of your being and all aspects of your life, since everything in the world is energy, energy in different frequencies. You will be in a much better position. In case you feel worse, you experience a healing crisis, a common outcome of holistic healing. But this is a good thing! A healing crisis means that what is negative is being cleared out. This may cause discomfort, physical, energetic, mental or emotional. It is like taking a thorn out from your finger. It will be painful but it is something you have to do and the sharp and short-lived pain can not be compared to the resulting wellbeing and ease.


– Can I be healed from a specific condition with these Energy Sessions?

These Energy Sessions and All Energy Work is complementary. They do not and can not substitute medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. For any health issues, always consult a doctor. Although energy work and energy healing can help you feel more clear and balanced, more radiant and strong, you should never rely on them exclusively. Adopt a holistic approach and seek professional advice and care. Doctors and medicine have a most important and valuable role in our wellbeing. They are part of the Divine Plan and their service is truly Spiritual, whether they know it or not! Respect and honor them and spiritually ask to be guided to the best experts and the best solutions in any and all of your health problems. Strongly affirm and completely feel that you are safe, protected and guided in all processes, including the medical ones.


– Can Energy Work help me win the lottery?

For the truly spiritually enlightened people, winning the lotto is not in any of their plans! They don’t need it; money come and go, even if it is tons and tons of money. It is much better (infinitely better) to reach the Consciousness of Abundance. Abundance Within, Inner Abundance. True Abundance, Spiritual and Divine Abundance. Then everything else is taken good care of itself. The outer abundance follows and it comes easily and effortlessly, joyously and happily! When the inner state-essence is ON, the outer is ON, also. Turning on your Inner True Spiritual Divine Abundance will turn on all the prosperity and good-fortune in the world!


– Can Energy Work make someone fall in love with me or form a relationship with me or stay with me forever?

First Become Love, Be Love and Love will come and find you from all directions and in all forms. There is no other way. If it happens that you find Love, without having become Love first, without first having the feeling, energy and consciousness of Love, towards yourself and towards all beings, you are bound to lose it. After all there is nothing permanent in this world, in the world of appearances. Everything flows. On the other hand, you can never lose what you are and what you have become so when you have become and you are the best, the greatest and the highest version of you (or are working with love and dedication on it), everything will come out in the best, greatest and highest way. So, once again, Inner True Spiritual Love will turn on all the love in the world for you. Go within. Always and at all times go within. Everything else will follow.


– What is the difference between the sets of 3, 7 and 21 Energy Sessions. Which ones should I choose?

What changes is the intensity and depth of energy work. The more sessions you receive, the deepest and the highest the energy healing, on more levels; the more the benefits. You are cleansed, empowered, elevated, balanced and illuminated to an even greater degree. It depends on how far you want to reach and what version of yourself and of your life you want to manifest and experience. How soon. Generally, three sessions are a good start, they involve a complete clearing and balancing of your energy. But if you want a more profound, steady and permanent change, seven or twenty-one sessions are more efficient. It also depends on how blocked, burdened and stuck in negativity you feel.


– Are the 21 Energy Sessions too much?

No. They are designed to keep you in the best possible energetic level for 21 days. This has multiple benefits on all levels and for a long time. Although they are strong and powerful they are gentle and loving at the same time. You cannot get more than you need.


– Why specifically sets of 3, 7 or 21 Energy Sessions? Can’t someone do less or more or in different numbers?

Yes, you can do from one session up to infinite (so to say!) sessions. But in my experience, 3, 7 and 21 sessions form complete sets and work well. Apart from their symbolic esoteric meaning, (they are considered sacred numbers of healing and spiritual wholeness), the Energy Healer has time to work energetically, cleanse and balance the self on multiple levels and send an abundance of loving light, and vital etheric power. The receiver also has the time needed to experience, receive and absorb the energies and feel a difference.


– Why do I need to pay for energy healing and spiritual services?

You do not pay for the actual healing energy nor for the spiritual services. Not even for the benefits or the activations you receive. But you give something of importance and value to compensate for the facilitator’s time, which is as valuable and important as everybody else’s. In this way, you offer something of value and importance back, since money and time are essentially energy which is measured, precise and accurate, valuable and useful for life on earth. In addition, you maintain energetic balance, since you have to give in order to receive and to always offer and share, when you receive. Moreover, you show and express your appreciation and gratitude and you support the facilitator’s work to bring these possibilities and all their benefits to more people. By making a living on fees for sessions, an energy healer or teacher of energy healing modalities can focus exclusively on them and completely dedicate his work, time and energy, his entire life in the healing service and teaching of others. Notice that these Energy Sessions are not simple distant energy healing. They are more like attunements, activations and empowerments. They need much more focus, time and dedicated work.


– What can I do, if I can’t afford the Distant Energy Sessions?

Then you may simply ask for a free healing! The specific sessions are highly personal and work on a deep and all inclusive level. They are designed and intended for specific issues and to accelerate and boost growth, evolution and advancement. They are time consuming and involve the 100% of the facilitator’s time, focus, knowledge and energy. In addition, they involve activations and empowerments. For all of the above reasons, there is fee involved. The fees are minimal compared to the work performed.

If you cannot afford them, you may ask for a completely free healing, a service which I have offered for free to more than 10.000 people, over the last 20 years of teaching spiritual and energy healing methods.

You will be included in a list of people for distant energy healing and I will send pure loving energy and vitality. It is practiced with pure and loving intentions for the Highest Good of All. People more than often report wonderful results from these free distant healing sessions.


– What is the difference between the free healing session and the sets of 3, 7 and 21 Energy Sessions?

The free energy healing session is a simple energy healing procedure, which has many benefits. The sets of 3, 7 and 21 Energy Sessions are different. They are more focused, specialized, deep and profound. They have an effect on all levels and at the same time they help in manifesting the highest good in different areas of your life. They cleanse and purify you, empower and boost your energy levels.

Moreover, they include energy activations. They attune you more to your Self, your essence and the highest dimension, the source, light/life/love itself. In this way you receive more vital energy over the next days, weeks and months.

They are also different in that they are personal and more intense. I focus my intention and my work on you exclusively. This is done for a longer period of time, applying various techniques for optimal results.

What is more important is that they involve specific areas of life: life-force, wellbeing and vitality; abundance and prosperity; love, romance and intimate relationships; deep purification and total cleansing; protection and empowerment.

Being cleansed and purified from all negativity and filled with life-force energy and vital loving light, attuned to our Higher Self, our Spirit, Soul and Source, we direct our healing energies to new ways of experiencing life in all the areas of our human experience.


– Can I ask you to send the Energy Sessions to another person?

Only if they are informed about the sessions and they give their conscious consent. We can never and will never go against someone’s free will. The freedom of will of each human being is a supreme and absolute Law, a Natural, Universal, Spiritual and Divine Law. You must respect and honor it fully and totally. Violations of the Laws only create the worst, more lower/negative energy for all.

If they are informed and wish to receive the Energy Sessions, it is one of the most wonderful and substantial gifts of love, light and positive change you can offer them.


– The Energy Sessions were amazing! I felt great and experienced many wonderful things the following days, weeks and months! How can I thank you enough?

I am just facilitating the energy work intended for you by your Inner Self, your True Self, your Higher Self. By Spirit and the Highest Source. The best thankfulness is to offer and share more love, light and goodness with the word. Be of service. Heal. Heal yourself and others. Help and support. Be compassionate, caring, kind and loving. Think, feel, choose, behave, act and react Consciously. With awareness. In responsibility. Wisely, powerfully, lovingly, from a higher level, from a luminous, bright, enlightened state. From your heart, from your center and your core, from your spirit and soul, your divine essence. Let the divine essence in you flow and overflow in your self, in your life and to the outer world.



A physician should be consulted in all matters relating to health and to any symptoms that require medical attention. Energy work and energy healing is never a substitute for formal medical or mental treatment. Information on this website is intended to be for educational purpose. People who practise Energy Healing do not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition of whatever nature, and shall not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise. Energy healing is gentle and non-invasive and complementary to conventional medicine.

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