Infinitely beloved friends!

My name is Georgios (or Giorgos) Mylonas and I use “Geom!*” as my inner, spiritual, and energetic name. Apart from being a combination of the initials of my complete name, I like that it contains the vibration of “om” (the sacred sound of the universe) along with “geo” or “gaia” (mother earth). The exclamation mark symbolizes alignment, inspiration, and dedication and, at the same time, joy, awe, and supreme wonder for the infinite miracle of Life. The sign of the asterisk is a symbol of our greater spiritual family, which includes all magnificent and exquisite angelic beings, offering us higher support and guidance.

I was born on the 31st of January 1979, in Athens, Greece, where I live, work, and enjoy Life to the fullest. I have a descend from Cyprus as well. I studied philosophy at the American college of Greece and from an early age I had an intense interest in metaphysics, esotericism, mysticism, and world religions.

When I was eight, I experienced existential angst about the time I spent in sleep: where do I go, during sleep? Since I have no conscious sense of myself, do I annihilate? I tried to stay awake and conscious, to prolong being “myself” as much as possible, by reducing what I so much feared, sleeping time -something that, of course, did not work out for long! This was probably my first serious questioning and exploration about who and what we are and what lies behind and beyond the apparent, the “normal” mechanical daily flow.

Later on, I had two awakening spiritual experiences, one at the age of 12 and another at the age of 21, both of which cannot be easily described in words. These inner peak experiences changed the direction of my life or, to put it more correctly, they placed me exactly within the direction of my life.

I was “lucky” to have discovered my two greatest loves, Reiki and meditation, quite early in my life, two incredible and vast fields of healing, self-knowledge, self-development, and self-improvement, which I since cherish, study, and practice daily. Reiki, energy work in general, and meditation, opened the gates of heaven wide open for me, providing not only deep and holistic healing, positivity, vitality, serenity, and bliss to my daily life but also answers to burning and flaming existential questions.

For a great many people, Reiki is a self-healing path of miracles; innumerable, minor and major wonders. The same proved true for myself and, quickly and naturally, came to be my main profession, working full time as a Reiki teacher, providing sessions and workshops. Through Reiki I explored and immersed myself into the fields of alternative or complementary healing, energy healing, spiritual healing, meditation and visualization, prayer and invocation, positive thinking and affirmations, and the healing properties and power of colors, sounds, crystals, plants, and mother nature. Moreover, I took a deep euphoric dive into the new age philosophy, theosophy, channeling, esoteric Christianity, the kabbalah, and the teachings of Osho, the well-known Indian teacher and philosopher.

More than anything, I consider myself a disciple of Stylianos Atteshlis (known as Daskalos), a Cypriot mystic-teacher of the deepest esoteric knowledge and wisdom and a man of miraculous abilities. I connected with him after he had already passed away, through his writings, and other people’s writings about him (the works of Kyriacos C. Markides). I believe I met him not by accident but due to his own plan and will, in the higher dimensions where he exists as a spiritual guide, since his work “found me” in the most strange ways. During the years, I strongly connected with him energetically and spiritually and I feel that a great part of my work is under his direct influence and guidance. My love, admiration, respect, and gratitude for him and his gifts are endless.

Loving diversity and multiplicity and being open-minded and curious by nature, I enjoy exploring the world of Reiki and energy healing in its many facets, studying and collecting all material related, books, techniques, and different systems, energy symbols or attunements. The result of this collection is the website www.universityofreiki.com, an online school of distant learning for people interested in studying different Reiki systems and other energy and spiritual healing methods.

I was also guided to create new Reiki systems and other energy healing methods. They came spontaneously, during periods of intense inner work, as waves of concentrated energy. At first, they were received and conceived as an answer, inspiration, and guidance to personal needs or requests for healing, advancement and growth. Then they proved to be beneficial for others, people close to me at first, and were increasingly shared openly with many more.

These systems include: Dasan, the Holy Archangels (Archangelic Reiki), Higher Self Reiki, DNA Reiki, Shamballa Ascension, Am-La, Reiki Kundalini, Karsha-Tei, Elshiel, Total Consciousness, Karma Reiki, Angelic Vajra, Angelic Shakti, Angelic Kabbalah Reiki, Zen Reiki, Reiki Rays, Reiki Dimensions, Reiki Abundance, Mahatma Ascension, Rakama Reiki, Rama Sekhem, Intuition & Enorasis, Akashic Records & Past Lives, and others. Many systems have been translated in different languages and are taught in many countries all over the world.

Since 2001, I have founded the School of Reiki in Athens (www.reiki.gr) and, together with my twin flame, beloved friend, and multitalented copartner Dionysia Klarinetatzi, we published in the Greek language 18 issues of a special magazine on energy healing, under the title “Reiki Time” and organized 10 large festivals on Reiki and all other energy healing methods available, which greatly helped popularize and establish these wonderful healing arts in Greece. In addition, a series of energetic elixirs, named “Divine Life Elements!*”, was created, in order to facilitate and enhance our cleansing, renewal and revitalization through the powers of nature.

It is impossible not to mention my paradise, Milos, an island in Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea of Greece. It is here that most of my published works were written: The Golden Codes of Shamballa, Angelic Invocations, Angelic Symbols, Angelic Mysticism & Meditations, The Big Book of Meditation, The Reiki Book Volume 1 & 2, a series of eight small books of spiritual affirmations, and others.

The totality of this work would not have been possible without the unconditional support and love of my family, friends, students, and the great teachers I had the honor to meet and study with. From the deepest part of my heart and soul, my warmest love, gratitude, and thankfulness is directed to all of them!

I have completely dedicated my life to the healing, development, betterment, evolution, and enlightenment of myself, of others and of the earth; to offer as many gifts as possible to all. I believe and know -and also affirm and confirm- that Love is the energy which can heal and transform every single being and the world at large. It is the energy of true freedom, fulfillment, wholeness and oneness, the energy of perfect peace, joy, bliss, and happiness. It is the highest and the greatest and the purest energy, the energy of the Divine. Love is the Living Light and Love is the Light of Life.

May the lives of all beings be full of Love! And may you be completely showered, bathed, surrounded, immersed, infused, filled, and overflowed with Love, the most wonderful bright energy and the most wondrous radiant light that Love -the Living Light, the Light of Life- Is!

With Love

Georgios Mylonas


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