You are about to encounter and receive an innovative and truly amazing system of holistic, energetic, and spiritual healing.

This therapeutic system offers purification and protection, wholeness and empowerment, upliftment and guidance, bliss and joy, and serenity and freedom.

The Golden Codes of Shamballa can be used as potent tools to receive answers to your questions and manifest happiness in your daily life.

This energy system consists of 153 numerical codes of pure light, love, and spirit. They were manifested and generously offered by the infinite, eternal, almighty, and omnibenevolent dimension of spirit, Shamballa.

Shamballa is the ethereal crystal residence of the great teachers and the holy archangels of light—the divine spirit beings of the highest wisdom, compassion, beauty, and primordial perfection.

The holy archangels of light and the great ascended masters of Shamballa devote themselves to supporting humanity in realizing its potential.

And now, with celestial wisdom and heavenly love, they bless us once more with the Golden Codes of Shamballa.

– What Are the Golden Codes of Shamballa?

* Transcendental, energetically activated, spiritually attuned, and multidimensional codes of light.

* Sequences of numbers that enhance, boost, and uplift one’s energy level and level of consciousness.

* Higher consciousness keys that activate different aspects of the universal cosmic energy, the spirit, and the creative cosmic mind.

* An easy-to-use, immediately effective system that directs and manifests one’s intention to the outer world, everyday life, and material reality.

* An effective, simple, practical, and easy-to-use means to balance the two aspects of the mind, logic and intuition, through the parallel invocation of coded serial numbers on the one hand and spiritual energies, qualities, and powers on the other.

* Illuminating codes that multiply the intention and vibration of love and light on earth and actively contribute to the highest good of all.

* Amazing numerical spiritual forms; truly precious “spiritual vitamins!”

* A gift to humanity!

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